Residential Electrical

Residential Electrical Services in Auckland​

Residential Electrical Services in Auckland​

All houses undergo some form of electrical work during their lifetimes, whether it’s something simple, like fixing something that is not working anymore, like an overloaded socket tripping the fuse and leaving you without power, or something a more complex project like a renovation and the associated installation of new appliances, fixtures and more. These are of course in addition to the work involved in a new build.

While you can do some things by yourself, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you need to be extremely cautious while handling electrical circuits and switchboards at home. Always remember that if in doubt, it’s better to rely on professionals. While calling a home electrician may not seem cheap in the short term, it is always better to avoid the risks involved in not doing it, namely personal harm or accidents and loss of property.

As certified professionals based in Northwest Auckland, we do a wide array of home electrical jobs, both in the city and on the North Shore. We undertake any kind of work including upgrades to efficient lighting, installation of smart homes and other automation systems, home renovations and more. We also offer commercial electrical services, and undertake installation of heat pumps and ventilation systems.

So whether you have a repair job, a renovation project or a completely new build, give us a call on 02108522376 today and let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

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